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Coin Hunting Made Easy
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Coin Hunting Made Easy

Coin Hunting Made Easy
Coin Hunting Made Easy
SKU: 1331038
By: Mark Smith
123 Pages

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Price: $12.95
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Product Details

Coin Hunting

"I found three rare coins my first try! Jason
"Old coins right under my nose! Bill
There are millions of coins out there that hold a secret value. Knowing how and where to find these valuable coins is all part of the addictive fun. Bestselling author and avid treasure hunter Mark Smith shows you how to do it.
"The truth is a good percentage of the general public does not know a thing about valuable coins. They are far too busy in their day to day lives to stop and look at the value associated with a simple coin. To them, it is just an old coin. This is a fact and a fact the would-be coin collector like myself can easily capitalize on and so can you. Mark Smith
When was the last time you used some actual physical money to buy something? It might have been a while, right? Modern techno logy has all but eliminated physical currency. People are getting paid electronically and they are spending their money electronically too.
Where did all the physical money go?
Think about that for a minute. In the United States alone there have been billions of coins created. If everyone is using electronic methods to pay for everything, where did all these coins go?
Grab your copy of Coin Hunting Made Easy and find out just how easy it is to find rare, valuable coins made from silver or even gold!

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