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Coin Depth

Coin Depth
Coin Depth
SKU: 1091005
By: Dick Stout
160 Pages

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Product Details
Finding coins with a metal detector does not take a great deal of skill….finding old and valuable coins does!

It also takes desire, patience and perseverance! If you own a metal detector or are considering purchasing one, and you want to increase your odds of finding these coins, then this book was written for you. For a little over twenty three years I’ve searched here and abroad, using every brand and model of metal detector imaginable. No, I am not a millionaire, nor am I on “easy street”. I am however financially better off because of my efforts, and grateful that I found a pastime that is not only enjoyable but profitable as well.

The successes I’ve had coinhunting were often the result of common sense, always the result of thorough research, and sometimes the result of trial and error. As a result I am confident that if you read and utilize the information that follows you too will have similar success, and your coin collection will not only grow in numbers but increase in value as well. Old and very valuable coins are waiting to be found….finding them however is up to you! In the pages that follow your reaction to some of my theories or recommendations might be….”of course, I know that”, or….”why that’s only common sense!” What I will ask however is that you consider what I have to say, give my theories and recommendations a try and then analyze the results. I am confident that if you do this you will have success, find renewed enthusiasm and most importantly develop the attitude that you can find any treasure you seek.

There are many metal detecting books that promise treasure, riches, and almost always imply that you will become wealthy! The bottom line….they offer little of substance, are usually written by ghost writers (someone representing the listed author), and typically leave you no better off than when you started reading. This book differs in that respect, offering only tips, ideas and methods I’ve learned through years of practical, in the field experience. I’ll share all my techniques and theories that will help you find the older coins you seek, and by doing so hopefully give you an advantage over the competition.

I will frequently refer to ‘those deeper, more valuable coins” because that is what we’re after, and they are in a class by themselves. Barber, Liberty Seated, Indian Heads, large Cents and Bust coins are what we seek, and such coins are almost always found at depths of six to twelve inches….an area that has never been address in previous books. Not so within these pages.

Let’s also get one nagging theory and question of the way. Yes, I do believe that coins sink deeper year after year, but it’s a moot point! It’s a subject that need not be addressed or debated because frankly we will never know! The reality is that older coins are almost always deep, and gaining that inch or two more in depth is important. That extra inch, that extra advantage has been my objective for the past 22 years, and it should be yours as well. Your detector is state of the art, quite capable of going deep, but setting its controls to the max, and taking it to the right places is what will make you the better coinshooter!

Last but not least….I’ve met hundreds of detectorists over the years, and many have told me that they know their detectors inside out. They talk about coils, controls, conductivity, caches, electromagnetic fields, eddy currents, elliptical coins, Faraday shielding, frequencies and false signals. They discuss filters, discrimination, Ni-Cad, Ferrous, Non Ferrous, Ten Turn Controls, Zero Discrimination and anything else that might impress. The bottom line….none of this matters if you are not searching the right area! Technical knowledge is certainly important, but knowing how to research is first and foremost if you are to succeed. You cannot and will not find coins where they don’t exist! Metal detectors are not atom smashers…they are very easy to use, and quite capable of finding treasure, but only if you take them to the right places.

If you are intrigued by the possibility of finding old and valuable coins, and if you are ready to work hard, get dirty and have fun at the same time, let’s get started….

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