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Arrows, Bullets and Saddle Sores

Arrows, Bullets and Saddle Sores
Arrows, Bullets and Saddle Sores
SKU: 1171013
By: Charles D. Lauer
181 Pages

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Price: $9.95
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Product Details
There are endless stories from Arizona's territorial days that are short and do not take long to tell, but are complete nonetheČless. Some of them are found in the following collection. These tales are all factual, absolutely true stories about incidents, places, people and events from Arizona's Old West history. Not even conversations were invented; those found in the text are exactly as found in research materials and being the actual conversation that took place at the time.

Some of these tales were found in old newspapers recorded on microfilm. Some were discovered in books long out of print. Most came to light through research in the files of the Arizona HistoriČcal Society, where thousands of documents, life stories and letters written by the pioneers who made the history have been collected and stored.

They reflect an era that is dimming in memory but must not be allowed to be forgotten. In was an age of transportation by horseback or animal-drawn vehicle when that marvel, the railČroad, was just emerging. It was an age of wood-burning stoves, kerosene lamps, and outhouses in summer or winter weather. It was an age of absolutely self-reliance by every man, who had to look out for himself and his family if he had one, against all odds and perils. Law was often made and enforced on the spot, at the point of a rifle or six-gun. Nuclear holocaust never threatened, but hostile Indians, road agents and outlaw gangs threatened constantly.

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