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Unfound Treasures of Mexico

Unfound Treasures of Mexico
Unfound Treasures of Mexico
SKU: 1031083
By: Charles A. Kenworthy
96 Pages
English and Espanol

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Product Details
In all the world I consider Mexico as being second only to Peru in the areas of unfound treasures and lost/hidden mines of immeasurable wealth.

Mexico’s immense unfound treasures begin with the hidden Mayan and Aztec treasures.

Next came the 1810 to 1821 revolutionary period wherein Father Miguel Hidalgo gathered the Indians, peons, the enslaved and the Mexicans to revolt against Spain’s rule, an eleven-year period where the Mexicans won their independence from Spain. During these eleven years of fighting, Spain was forced to re call its soldiers from the northerly areas where they had protected many hundreds of mines, communities and missions. Thousands of treasures, both large and small, as well as mines were hidden by miners, mine owners, families, soldiers and missions with the intention of returning one day to recover what they had hidden – but they never returned because Spain lost and Mexico became independent. Then between 1821 and 1847 Mexico had many, many revolutions and over 20 different presidents and governments. In 1848 Mexico lost its northernmost lands to the United States. There was just too much constant turmoil to allow an organized and concentrated effort to find these lost treasures and hidden mines. By far the majority are still today exactly where they were hidden and/or buried many years ago – unfound.

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