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Cache Hunting
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Cache Hunting

Cache Hunting
Cache Hunting
SKU: 1011035
By: H. Glenn Carson
111 Pages
OUT OF PRINT! VERY FEW COPIES LEFT! When They're Gone...They're Gone!

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Product Details
Cache Hunting
This book is not put out to be a perfect blue-print on cache hunting. It is most doubtful that there is such a outline possible. It is an attempt to offer the serious treasure hunter a number of hopefully helpful suggestions to aid that person in developing his own blueprint on cache hunting.
No quick-fix is available herein, no sure-fire in 30 days first cache or your money back claim, no pills to take, guaranteed to make certain superior research and recovery. Helpful suggestions, but no easy promises.
There are caches enough and they can be found by anyone willing to make the necessary efforts. Most caches are not quick and easy tasks, but neither are they impossible projects. Truly it is up to each one who aspires to seek out caches whether or not he or she can be successful.
The need of a book offering some aid to such seekers or lost hoards has been felt for a long time. This effort is in no way presented as a total guide or a complete pattern, but it is hoped that it will offer a good many insights and some real assistance.
With help, and your own persistent, consistent efforts, you will surely build your own outline. It will be geared largely to your own goals, and those mostly in your areas of interest. Work within that always growing framework and you will undoubtedly begin to recognize and recover caches.

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