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Ghosts and Haunts from the Appalachian Foothills

Ghosts and Haunts from the Appalachian Foothills
Ghosts and Haunts from the Appalachian Foothills
SKU: 1181009
By: James V. Burchill, Linda J. Crider, Peggy Kendrick, and Marcia Wright Bonner
173 Pages

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Price: $9.95
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Product Details
""Before she could continue, an ice-cold, vaporlike mist wisped in the car's window and hung like tendrilled fingers before her. Vicky was paralyzed with fear. Even though she was screaming inside, only small, whimpering sounds escaped her lips. The mist appeared to take on life, as it drifted quickly from the car and floated across the gorund to an old willow tree standing near the water's edge. The long, spindly branches stirred slightly as if they, too, were crying, and Vicky heard the sounds again. It was a soulful sound of agony and unspeakable pain. The mist took on shape and form to stand beneath the tree's darkness. "take me home,"" Vicki managed to say in a strange tone. "Now, Tommy, get me out of here. This is an evil place." - from "The Crying Mist,"" one of the many strange stories from Appalachia, where spooky tales and legends run thick as night is dark.

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